Piper L-4A N49750

These are several pictures that were taken during the restoration phase. As you can see, literally every part was either new or refurbished. It was a labor of love and our L-4 is a beautiful airplane to look at and fly!   

Fuselage After Primer Applied Covered Horizontal Stablizer Mark and I Drilling A New Spar Drilling the Spar
Left Wing Progressing Along Finished Wingtip Working On A Wing Stitching the Wing
Stitching the Wing Mark Applying Poly Trying It Out Daughter Ashley Watching Me Bead-Blast A Part
Daughter Ashley Checking Out The Construction
David and I Installing Instruments Fuselage Looking Good! Mark and David On Night Of First Engine Start
Ready For First Engine Start Coming Together-Everything Installed Applying First Poly Brush Signing The Bottom of the Floorboard
Ironing The Fuselage Debbie Supervising The Poly Application David Supervising Putting on Poly Brush
My Mom And Dad Inspecting The Work Carrie and I Ready For Dinner Fuselage Progressing Along Debbie And I Trying It Out
Carrie and Haley Helping David and I with Rigging Starting Up For First Flight First Flight!  It Flies! David Debriefing After First Flight
Debbie and Daughter Meredith Celebrating First Flight First Flight Day Celebration With My Friends

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